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How To Get God's Kids Back: Student Leader Course (eBook)

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Have you ever wanted school to be about more than making a few friends, playing a sport, getting ready for college, or finding a date to prom? Have you ever longed to wake up in the morning with a bigger sense of destiny and purpose? Our society sends kids to school to get them ready for sixty years of life on earth. Jesus can send you to school to get your friends ready for sixty trillion years in eternity.

I’m Pastor Nate Landis, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping Christian kids stand against the tide and thrive as salt and light for Christ on their public school campuses. You may be the last hope for kids at your school to experience life to the fullest in Jesus. I know you’ll be up for the challenge.

I’d like to invite you on the life-changing adventure of reaching your friends for Jesus at your school. The diploma you earn will last a lifetime. The friend who makes it into heaven will be with you for all eternity.” Excerpt From How to Get God's Kids Back: Student Leader Course Nate Landis This material may be protected by copyright.

“Expect adventure. Expect push-back. Expect stories of transformation. Don’t ever expect to stay the same. Are you ready?”