Our History

UYC began in 2007 with a motivational Bible club on campus at San Diego High School. In order to call forth the potential inside every young person, the program provided a moral compass for navigating a complex urban environment along with the empowering message that youth can overcome big life obstacles and inspire others to do the same. By doing so, the culture of a school and community can begin to change. San Diego High School’s administrators, coaches, teachers, and students quickly recognized that the program’s mix of mentors, relationships, food, clothes, tutoring, and other holistic resources was a model for other campuses. Over the past twelve years, UYC has achieved success in mobilizing over 135 churches to serve at 100 public middle and high school campuses in San Diego, Tijuana, Atlanta, and Columbia (South Carolina). Through our expansive online national strategy, we want to equip and mobilize more churches throughout the nation to do the same.

Highlights from Recent School Years (Without Covid) Include:

·  3,500 middle and high school students heard about Jesus every week, received physical food, and had the chance to meet a church pastor at over 100 public schools and clubs in San Diego, Tijuana, Atlanta, and Columbia (South Carolina).
·  Each summer, 150 kids attended FCA Camp (focused on sports and spiritual development) at UCLA.
·  Approximately 250 students are currently engaged in personal discipleship with a Christian adult mentor. Students who finished received a personalized study Bible.
·  Approximately 700 church volunteers and community partners beautified 25 campuses in August during the annual School Beautification Day throughout San Diego County.
·  Students experienced motivational school assemblies that inspired and equipped them to overcome obstacles standing in the way of their dreams.
·  25 UYC staff members and paid interns provided ongoing support to the 135 local churches with which we work.
·  Project 25 inspires and mobilizes students in San Diego, Tijuana, and Atlanta to read Jesus’ Parable of the Talents and serve others in creative and practical ways. Over 180,000 hours of youth-led community service have resulted from this initiative since its inception.
·  UYC ministers regularly to ten sports teams at public schools throughout the year. As spiritual “life coaches” and pastors, we provide food for pre-game meals, counseling, motivational talks, and biblical guidance.


Today, over 50 million students are attending Amercia’s public schools and we believe now is the time for the church to answer the call by going after lost kids that God loves so much. We need your prayers and support to reach them.

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