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A masterclass for Church Leaders who want to begin or deepen a student-led campus ministry. It is possible to build relationships with a generation of teenagers who are growing up with little or no awareness of Jesus.


Get Field-Tested Training to Build a Ministry that Successfully Reaches Today’s Teens

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As a church leader, if you’ve ever thought?

“It’s too hard to compete for kids’ hearts, imaginations, and attention these days.”

“Public schools are rejecting God — and pastors with them.”“I’m too busy to do public school ministry.”

“What we’re doing isn’t working… the kids don’t care, and they don’t stick around."

You are not alone...

A mass exodus from the church has been occurring among Millennials in the past couple decades — and the trend is continuing with Gen Z. But what if we told you that the opportunities to reach today’s kids are more abundant than ever?

Teenagers and young adults are growing up without vision, without ownership of their lives, and without knowledge of the saving power of Christ. They are living self-fulfilling prophecies of poverty, addiction, media obsession, and meaninglessness that lead them on self-destructive paths. What they need is Jesus, and you can bring Him to them. That’s right — if they aren’t coming, you must be going.

And yet — how will you get in? Our laws may feel like someone tried to put a wall around schools, but they can’t put a wall around kids’ hearts. The need is great, and the doors are actually wide open. You simply need to know where they are and which keys work.

Our program provides training for building relationships with a generation of teens who are growing up with no awareness of Jesus.

YES, It's Possible

You CAN reach the younger generation successfully – and have a major impact for the Kingdom of God in your community, one student at a time. We've done it successfully for over 13 years and we can show you how.

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Church Leadership Masterclass

In this masterclass for church leaders, you’ll discover what today’s youth are dealing with and what their deepest needs are. You’ll see what opportunities are available for you to not only serve, but to teach, inspire, and empower kids who have little to no exposure to the Gospel message. You’ll understand what matters to them, how to help them build meaningful lives, and how to train them to become leaders themselves.


Jesus and Public Schools: Dreams for a Lost Generation

An introduction to the new strategies that build bridges to the next generation.


On Your Toes and On Your Knees: Postures of Prayer and Obedience

How to approach your mission — and community — with humility and purpose.


Unstoppable Movements: Student-Led School Ministry

What happens when you start empowering students with meaning and mission.


I Hear You: Speak to the Whole School at Once 

An introduction to the new strategies that build bridges to the next generation.


Project 25: Students Make a Local and Global Impact 

What happens globally starts with what happens locally.


A Painted Door Becomesan Open Door

Beautification projects become your path into the lives of young people who need hope.


Cry with Me: Grief Counseling After Murder, Suicide, and Tragedy

How to support teenagers and their families in their darkest moments.


Show Me the Way: Tutoring and Mentoring Ideas

Strategies for teaching and mentoring so that they’ll listen and learn life skills with enthusiasm. 


Heavenly Minded and Earthly Good: A Blueprint for Youth Jobs

Get practical by equipping youth to provide for themselves and take responsibility in life.


Calling All Partners: Next Level Kingdom Collaboration

Bring everyone in to create a strong, far-reaching support system.


Friends in High Places: Principal, Campus Ally, and District Relationships

Get campus and county leadership on board to advocate for students.


Prayer Can’t Hurt: Chaplains and Ministry to School Sports Teams

Make an exponential impact by reaching junior high and high school sports teams.


Don’t Stop for Summer: School’s Out? Try Camp

How camp can bridge the summer gap and keep students engaged.


Let’s Make More: Building Young Disciples and the Next Generation of Leaders

Helping young people get ready to rise up and embrace their calling.


Fundraising 101: Finding Manna and Quail in the Wilderness

How God provides for His children to accomplish their kingdom assignment.


What’s Next? Why Monday Morning Steps Matter Most

How to build your ministry on a strong foundation that will help you grow and maintain it for years to come.

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