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God Wants His Kids Back: Schools of Thought to Reach a Lost Generation (eBook)

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Get a Hope-Filled Guide to Connecting with Teens in Your Community Who Desperately Need the Love of Christ

There’s a Younger Generation Growing Up in Emptiness… and They’re Hungrier Than Ever for the Gospel


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Today’s kids just don’t listen. They simply aren’t interested in the Gospel... right?

A younger generation is emerging that doesn’t know or understand the true value of life in Christ. One million young people are leaving the church every year. But maybe it’s because they’ve lost faith in the system — not because they aren’t hungry for more.

In God Wants His Kids Back, Dr. Nate Landis busts the myth that today’s teens aren’t interested in who Jesus is. His ministry, the Urban Youth Collaborative, reaches 3,500 kids every week at 100 schools in San Diego, Tijuana, and Atlanta. Modern adolescents are far from a lost cause. In fact, the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few. 

In his book, Dr. Landis reveals what teens desperately seek — the true care and compassion that Christians profess, demonstrated to them by believing peers and reliable adults. He lays out the roadmap for building ministries that bring transformative hope to urban youth — without running aground of legal restrictions regarding the separation of church and state.

The solution is simple: If teens today aren’t coming to church, we must be going to them.

“So timely, so strategic, so thoughtful, so filled with passion – God Wants His Kids Back is exactly what I would expect from an innovative, visionary practitioner like Nate Landis! Read this book and discover how your church can reach your community’s schools.” 

- Dr. Duffy Robins, Professor Christian Ministry Grove City College