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How To Get God's Kids Back: Church Leader Course (eBook)

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Our nation faces a silent threat that’s growing at an alarming rate. This threat directly impacts the children we love dearly in our country. According to new research, one million young people a year are leaving church – voting with their feet – because they don’t believe it is relevant to their lives anymore.

I want every young person to experience life to the fullest in God’s kingdom and I’m sure you do too, now and forever. But that won’t happen by accident. It won’t come from building a cutting-edge youth program and then waiting for kids to kick down the church door. If you build it, they may not come to you first. In fact, traffic is definitely flowing the other way – away from church. The momentum is shifting quickly!

The fastest-growing group among the next generation is the “nones,” who have no religious affiliation at all. For every person who converts to Christ in America right now, four other former Christians stop believing in Jesus. Will you and your church be part of the solution? I hope so.”

I want to invite you along on a life-changing adventure. I will be your guide. I’ve mapped out the hidden land mines and pools of resources you’ll need to thrive while navigating the terrain of public school ministry. I want to share everything I’ve learned with you and open up my more than twenty-five-year youth ministry playbook to reveal potential blindspots and hidden value. This will be one the greatest investments in your calling and assignment.”