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Area 619 Coffee Blend

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Our team of students, staff and volunteers meet the last Tuesday of the month at our Roaster to pack, scale, bag, weigh and ship your coffee. Please make orders before the last Monday of the month to receive your order of coffee within 5 business days of that date.  All orders made after that date will be processed and shipped out the following month. For a Free Local pick up option, go to our UYC offices located at 845 15th St 92101, Monday-Friday between 8:30 am-4:30 pm. (Closed on Holidays)

All proceeds go towards investing and mentoring Gen Z & Gen Alpha in their relationship with Jesus Christ at public schools in San Diego. 

Thank you for your business, your investment is changing lives. 

To check out more information and videos of what is happening at UYC, click our logo above.

Questions? Please email