UYC Programs

Young people have generated over 200,000 hours of youth-led community service in San Diego, Atlanta, South Carolina, Mexico, and around the world! Check out some of our exciting programs that are now back in full swing.

After nearly 2 years of being faithful online and outside in ministry as a result of the pandemic, UYC is excited to return to campuses and once again support Student Leaders in person.

Student-Led Campus Clubs

We believe young people are not just the leaders of the future. They can make a lasting difference today when the put their gifts and talents to work for good and for God. There is no limit to what they can achieve when they gather together to dream and act on what they believe. When invited as guests by student leaders, UYC church partners provide adult support for young people who want to make a transformative difference in the schools and streets of their communities.

"Late Lunch" Learning Labs 

Twice a year we gather together with faith community leaders to build relationships, encourage one another, and develop unity. Some of our gatherings have featured nationally known speakers such as Larry Acosta, Fred Lynch and Jeremiah Del Rio. And the free lunch is always fantastic! Come join us to pray, connect, eat, and train with other like-minded leaders who support youth.

Motivational School Assemblies

UYC puts on multi-media assemblies to inspire students to overcome obstacles standing in the way of their dreams. By hearing stories of recent high school graduates who have succeeded despite big challenges, students gain hope for their future. 

FCA Summer Sports Camps at PLNU

Each summer, 90 students from San Diego’s urban communities experience FCA Camp. This year's camp will be hosted by Point Loma Nazarene University where students will get an amazing opportunity to train in their sport, experience God with coaches and peers, and enjoy life at one of the country's most prestigious universities. Many students voluntarily choose to follow Christ through this experience and walk out their faith when they return home. Students interested in mentorship receive additional guidance, leadership development, and support throughout the school year. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) generously provides scholarships for this week long experience.

Chaplaincy with Sports Teams 

Sports teams become a true family and, therefore, a strategic way to share the gospel with students. Through pre-game meals, chapel services, on-field mentoring, offfield events, and relationshipbuilding throughout the season, UYC has embraced over ten sports teams at public schools. Student-athletes and coaches are transformed by encountering the love of God at practice, during games, and through one-on-one discipleship.


Today, over 50 million students are attending Amercia’s public schools and we believe now is the time for the church to answer the call by going after lost kids that God loves so much. We need your prayers and support to reach them.

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