Mural Fundraiser for Horace Mann Middle School

Horace Mann Middle, UYC and community leaders are coming together to put a mural alongside the 90 ft wide auditorium wall that faces the quad at Horace Mann Middle School and touch up the existing HMMS mural on the corner of 54th & Trojan.

Will you help us raise the funds to make it happen?

We want to put something on the wall that will impact and encourage students and staff for decades to come.

· Artist fees: $6,500
· Paint: $2,500 (includes durable, high gloss paint for lower wall & paint for front wall mural)
· Scissor lift $4000/ 2 months OR boom lift $5,000/2 months (to get top right corner)
· Chain link fencing rentals $1000 for 6 weeks

Total: $14,000

Here is a first draft sketch of the mural, and the wall we are placing it on. These are students faces that have graduated from Horace Mann Middle.

UYC is covering the first $3000. Can we partner together as a community to to raise the rest of it?

Gold Gift Level - $1,250 or more 
Your logo will be placed on the corner of the Mural at Horace Mann as one of the Sponsors. You will also be invited to the Grand Revealing.

All other Gifts:
You will be invited to the Grand Revealing and have your name or Organization shared as a sponsor.