Our Team · San Diego, CA

Dr. Nate Landis, Founder & CEO​

Dr. Nate Landis
Founder & CEO​

Elizabeth Castro, Office Administrator​

Elizabeth Castro
Office Administrator​

Brandy Butler, Bookkeeper​

Brandy Butler

Chris Young, Chief Ministry Administrator​

Chris Young
Chief Ministry Administrator​

James Wiley Jr, Southeast Manage

James Wiley Jr.
Southeast Manager

John Ferreira, East County and Chaplaincy Manager​

John Ferreira
San Diego County Coordinator

Brent Hyden, Field Officer​

Brent Hyden
Field Officer​

Moises Godinez, North Baja Director

Moises Godinez
North Baja Director

Mariluna Avila, UYC Apprentice​

Mariluna Avila
UYC Apprentice​

Aaron Huitron, National City Director​

Aaron Huitron
National City Director​

ordan Lunderville, UYC Apprentice

Jordan Lunderville
UYC Apprentice

Dalvon Logan, Skyline Director

Dalvon Logan
Skyline Director

Joemel Delossantos, Spring Valley Director​

Joemel Delossantos
Spring Valley Director​

John DeJauregui, Mira Mesa and Poway Director

John DeJauregui
Mira Mesa and Poway Director

Jesse Matone, Encanto and City Heights Director​

Jesse Matone
Encanto and City Heights Director​

Hannah Macias, Eastlake Director​

Danon Haugum
Manager in Training

Jeff Ross, North Coast San Diego Manager

Jeff Ross
North Coast San Diego Manager

Tyler Leslie, Point Loma/UC Manager

Tyler Leslie
Point Loma/UC Manager

National Teams

Kevin Scarborough - UYC

Kevin Scarborough
Atlanta, GA Director

Alonzo Hardy - UYC

Alonzo Hardy
Spokane, WA Director​

As the UYC expands in Atlanta (GA), Spokane (WA), and Columbia (SC), additional staff photos from those cities will be added shortly.